Thursday, April 26, 2012

American Idol 2012 Top 6 Performance Night Review

It was a royal night yesterday in American Idol with Queen's songs as the theme for the first round of songs plus the top 6 even jammed with the band's legendary members Roger Taylor and Brian May. Check out their medley of "Fat Bottomed Girls," "Another One Bites The Dust" and "We Are The Champions"...


Our very own fellow Pinay, Jessica Sanchez started off the night with "Bohemian Rhapsody." Well, what do you expect? She isn't a rocker you know. Just a so-so performance from our idol but still she sounded great.

The "Show Must Go On" from Skylar Laine was nice. She sure did show off her high range here. Wow! I never realized Skylar could reach those high notes =)


Joshua Ledet sang "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." One thing's for sure... the judges are crazy about him. I personally think it doesn't deserve a standing ovation. How about you, what do you think?


I believe with Queen songs, rocker Elise Testone is in her element. Yup, with tambourine on hand, she didn't disappoint at all. I sure did want more of Elise after she performed "I Want It All."


Phillip Phillips did "Fat Bottomed Girls"... and I'm back to not liking Phillip once again (sorry girls). Okay so he's good-looking but that's just it.

Hollie Cavanagh sang "Save Me" and I guess it's somewhat like a plea for help. Save Hollie because week after week she's at the bottom 3... she might be the next one to be booted out but then again I might be wrong. She's like a cockroach... even if you step on it several times, it's still alive.

The next round of songs... Here our idols performed anything they want, their own choice of song.

For me, this was the best performance of the night... Jessica Sanchez's "Dance With My Father"... what skill! Admirable control and technique! I couldn't believe she's just 16.


Skylar did "Tattoos on This Town" and she was the most consistent of having two great performances for tonight. To me, it's Skylar's night, she's definitely getting better and better every time. Ryan Seacreast asked if Skylar has a tattoo. She showed her right wrist to him and there engraved was a feather... "This is to remind me that my problems are light as a feather because God holds them for me" =) Amen to that, Skylar!


Joshua performed "Ready for Love" and as usual another standing O from the judges (though not deserving in my opinion). Funny that Skylar was keeping count that it's Joshua's 12th standing ovation. It reminded me of my high school sophomore classmate, JV, who even remembers my grades in English class even up to this day, when I couldn't even recall haha =)

Next came Elise with a Jimi Hendrix song "Bold As Love." I think she's in trouble getting voted off... Phillip gave his interpretation of A Dave Matthews band song "The Stone" and honestly it was too artsy and too weird for me. I'll just post it here because I found it bizaare. The violin was great though =)


Hollie ended the night with Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" and when she sang it I remembered her audition last season 10 that made me cry, wherein this was the song that saved her. You deserve that standing ovation Hollie, you still went for your dream, yup it's all about the climb =)


My Top 3 are: Skylar, Jessica and Joshua

Bottom 3: Hollie, Elise and Phillip

Thursday, April 19, 2012

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Part 2 Performance Night Review

American Idol Top 7 Performance Night Review Part 2 (Theme: Now & Then)

It's another top 7 performance night since half-Filipina Jessica Sanchez was saved by the judges last week. The contestants are to perform two songs: a #1 hit song from year 2000 to present and a soul train song.

Hollie Cavanagh opened the night with "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele and I've got to say Hollie has improved a lot! =) So nice to see her being in the moment and not thinking too much during her performance.

Colton Dixon came next with Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance." Yes, I felt I was in a Colton concert but this performance was just okay for me.

Elise Testone did "No One" by Alicia Keys and it was good... but it isn't enough that she's good, she has to be great all the time since Elise doesn't have a big enough fan base, according to Jimmy.

Phillip Phillips did an Usher song and I think it was so cool and sexy. It's the first time I really, really liked a performance of his coz honestly, I don't like him...

Again I loved another Jessica Sanchez performance when she did Fallin' by Alicia Keys... outstanding vocals! I hope she won't be eliminated yet, she is just so good! Why can't America see it?

Skylar Laine performed "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga with a country twist. Good job! The song suited her in terms of its message =) Love the violin!

Joshua Ledet performed "I Believe" by his idol Fantasia. It's really obvious who the judges' favorite is this season... they keep on giving him a standing ovation even if the song rendition ain't that so spectacular.

Next round and the first song under soul train, Hollie sang "Son of a Preacher Man." It's so nice to see her finally letting go tonight. Both of her performances were good and it felt she's finally at home on that stage =)

Colton did "September" and it didn't feel it was an Earth, Wind & Fire song or an old song at all! Of course he "Coltonized" it and it seemed like a new and current track. Mark of a true artist =)

Elise performed "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. I think it was good but for Randy she oversang it. I hope her dog gets well though...

Phillip sang "In the Midnight Hour" and it was just okay for me. What's good about Phillip is that he bares his soul on that stage, gives his all every time and easily connects with the audience (especially the tween text and internet savvy voters).

Jessica did another seemingly unknown song "Try A Little Tenderness." Though the song allowed her to showcase her vocal prowess, I wish she did a more familiar song to get more votes. I think she's in danger. No more saves for Jessica this time...

I think Skylar did a great job tonight! Another wonderful performance when she did "Heard It Through the Grapevine." Again, love the vioin =)

What a way to end the night by Joshua's "A Change is Gonna Come"... what a voice!

Let's see, my Top 3 are: Jessica, Skylar and Joshua

Special award for Hollie for most improved =)

Bottom 3: Colton, Phillip and Elise

Sorry for my late blog. I attended a "party" last night. Anyway, I just found out who got eliminated... Oh boy, I couldn't believe it and I'm sure you would be surprised! Clue? He is one of my bottom 3...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Performance Night Review

American Idol Top 7 Performance Night Review (Theme: Current songs from 2010 onwards)

Skylar Laine opened the night with "Didn't You Know How Much I Loved You." The judges were so raving about it but for me it was just good. I can't help but remember her heartfelt rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings" last week and that was better.

Colton Dixon came next with "Love the Way You Lie." I actually love the way he sang it and can't help but admire how he "Coltonizes" the songs he performs week after week. He even plays the piano and memorizes the piece. That's a plus for me since I play the piano too and I know how hard it is to both sing and at the same time hit the keys. Hats off to you Colton =)

I think many liked the Elise and Phillip tandem that they partnered them again for another duet. They performed "Someone That I Used to Know" (chosen by Elise)... cute but it was just okay for me. I liked their last week's "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" way much better.

For me, this was the best performance of the night... Jessica Sanchez's "Stuttering." I don't care what JLo says, comparing Jessica to Joshua and even mentioning that the latter is much better than her. What's with American Idol tonight that they keep on comparing the contestants to their fellow competitors (Jessica to Joshua, Colton to Phillip, even Phillip said Elise is a better singer than he is)? It's just so sick! Each is unique you know. Better to compare them to their previous performances, not to another person.

Joshua Ledet was given the lone standing ovation tonight by the judges. Was it because he turned 20 that night? "Happy Birthday Joshua! This standing ovation is our gift to you." I dunno but I didn't like his Bruno Mars performance at all. For me, stick to ballads Josh.

Hmmm, another Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine duet again. Looks like people digged their tandem last week too. There was more chemistry between them now but for me, their "Don't You Wanna Stay" was just an okay performance.

Hollie Cavanagh did "Perfect" by Pink. It was way much better than her "What A Feeling" performance last week. Yes the song showcased her great vocals but I don't think it will be enough to save her from being the next to be booted out. While watching her, I felt there was something missing in her performance though I couldn't quite pinpoint what that is... maybe just the fact that she hasn't crossed the line from being amateur to pro.

Finally, I liked a Phillip Phillips performance when he did Maroon 5's "Give A Little More" tonight. Though it was still same old, same old. C'mon Phillip, you've gotta give a little more and break out from your usual routine if you want to win this. The tweeners are on your side and out to help you =)

The best duet or trio for me tonight is the rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" by Joshua, Hollie and Jessica. It showcased each of their powerful voices. Still, the judges compared each one and I hate it. Why do they like Joshua so much???!!!

Elise Testone did a Lady Gaga song (actually her face reminds me of Lady Gaga as well =) and I'm glad that she's back and this time with a great song choice. However, her performance didn't make it to my top 3 for tonight.

My Top 3 are: Jessica, Colton and Skylar

Bottom 3: Hollie, Phillip, and Joshua (probably many don't agree with me since the judges even gave him a standing O)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Idol 2012 Top 8 Performance Night Review

American Idol 2012 Top 8 Performance Night (Theme: 80s Music)

Deandre Brackensick opened the night with an upbeat El DeBarge song that suits his voice. What I like about Deandre is that he is improving in his performances. Good thing he took to heart Gwen Stefani's advice to be more confident. Here is his version of "I Like It"... I like it too, he looks more comfortable now on stage than ever before =)

Elise Testone sang "I Want to Know What Love Is" and for me it's a wrong song choice. It didn't showcase her voice range, a lame performance for me. You're not a balladeer Elise, you're a rocker!

The first duet of the night: Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon sang "Islands in the Stream." Skylar's voice suited the song, she and Colton harmonized good but their performance lacked chemistry between them. As if you could feel they are just merely friends (which they really are)... Hey, but it's a love song!

Phillip Phillips jammed and performed onstage with his brother and sang "That's All." Is that all you can give Phillip? You're getting boring... it's the same gray outfits, the same look, the same sound.

The duet of Hollie Cavanagh and Deandre came next. They performed the Pointer Sisters' "I'm So Excited!" but it didn't get me excited at all. Hollie was stiff onstage but Deandre was relaxed and seemingly enjoying it up there =)

A great performance by Joshua Ledet singing "If You Don't Know Me By Now"... what a powerful voice! (Some do not like him but I do =) Cool how the choir began the song without Joshua singing yet =)

Jessica Sanchez's rendition of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know?" was just okay for me or am I just expecting too much from her? She has amazing talent! She could have done better or chose a better song.

This was my favorite duet of the night: "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" by Elise Testone and Phillip Phillips. Chemistry... check (unlike the first two duets of the night)! I also felt both singers were just relaxed and enjoying the moment, especially Phillip who showed some of his moves because he didn't bring his guitar up the the stage for a change =)

Hollie Cavanagh's "What A Feeling" was for me the worst performance of the night. What feeling? It totally lacked feeling and emotion. The judges were right in saying she over thinks too much, is too technical and too worried while performing. JLo advised, "Let Go!" So who's the next to be let go? I think it should be Hollie...

The powerhouse singers Joshua and Jessica were partnered for "I Knew You Were Waiting for Me"... Wow! Good thing they didn't eat each other up alive on this one because both were oh so superb! =)

At first, I didn't like Colton Dixon but his recent performances were good and he kinda grew on me. I'm impressed with his rendition of "Time After Time" and good thing he acknowledged the band where he ripped off that awesome version =)

AI seemed to have saved the best for last... "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Skylar Laine was for me the best performance of the night and Skylar's best performance ever! I could really feel the emotion reeking through, almost made me cry, gave me goozies as well =)

So my Top 3 are: Skylar, Joshua, and Colton

Bottom 3 are: Hollie, Elise and Phillip (sorry I really don't like him, but I have a feeling he will reach the finals with Colton, thanks to the millions of girl tween fans who are expert texters)

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